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Happy seniors with family moving

Thursday, November 14 from 2:30 to 4 p.m.
at NHC Place at the Trace

Join us for a free presentation with three wonderful speakers. Cliff Spencer, Downsizing Specialist and Realtor, will be speaking on when is the right time to sell a home, how to prep a house to sell, and downsizing. Sara Beth Warne, with Aging in Place Transition Services, is an expert on helping families decide what items to keep, pass down, sell or donate. Maria Thompson will share her knowledge on organizing estate sales and what you can expect when you hire a professional.

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Cliff Spencer Cliff Spencer, Realtor & Downsizing Specialist
Cliff Spencer’s belief that “Real Estate is about so much more than the house” is actualized while helping folks downsize and relocate. He understands that buying and selling a home can be stressful, but when one adds the element of downsizing, there is simply much more to consider before placing a For Sale sign in the yard. Cliff knows that in order for a smooth process to unfold a plan needs to be created which answers key questions such as; What do I do with all my stuff?  Is an estate sale right for me? What is my house worth? And, when is the right time to list my home? Cliff also knows the importance of teamwork and has experienced, go-to strategic partners who, together, ensure a seamless process for all.  

Sara Beth Warne
Aging in Place Transition Services is a team of senior living experts with experience in modifying and reorganizing a present home or downsizing and/or relocating to something that feels better. We help you make choices about where and how you want to age, and find the right place for the next stage of a good life.  Aging in Place Transition Services does this by delivering an individually tailored experience to help you with your next step – assessment of your existing home, staging, organizing, move management and planning. We emphasize personal customer service working with our clients or children of aging parents, to assist in moving and downsizing a parent or family member, and sorting and managing the distribution and closing of a home after the death of a family member.  

Sara Beth Warne started Aging in Place Transition Services (APS) ten years ago and brought to it her more than 25 years of experience as an interior designer specializing in project management and renovation.  Learn more about her successful credentials, read what her customers have to say and learn more about APS’s impressive projects at

Maria Thompson, Estate Sales and Appraisals
Maria Thompson has 20+ years experience doing estate sales in the Nashville and Chattanooga markets. She is a certified personal property appraiser (CAGA) with a background and degree in Interior Design. Her expertise, experience and enthusiasm for her work allow her to offer clients personal professionalism, one sale at a time. Her service as part of the total package for clients who are downsizing is invaluable. It is the final piece of the puzzle when all has been sorted, packed and moved, she does a wonderful job of research, pricing and set up that makes the process look simple and gives the client a sense of closure. When not organizing or conducting sales. Maria enjoys various art mediums, the outdoors and her large family.

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