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Steve and Jan D.’s Letter

August 16, 2020

My wife and I would like to thank Sara Beth Warne and Aging in Place Services for helping two seniors we have some responsibility for (as medical and legal POA’s) with moves from their homes to independent living senior facilities in Nashville in 2020. None of us could have foreseen all of the challenges that arose during what we anticipated would have been “normally hard” downsizing and moving.

Both individuals suffered falls that resulted in injuries, hospitalizations and rehab. That took the normally challenging situations and timetables to a much more complicated level.

Thankfully one of our seniors transitioned to Clarendale in Bellevue just as the Covid-19 Pandemic was reordering all of our lives and plans. Although she could not move in on the schedule, we originally anticipated due to her fall, Sara Beth and her team had her new home beautifully arranged and move-in ready as soon as she was able to go there. Along with everyone else moving in, she had to transition into the quarantine lock-down protocol but having everything in immaculate condition certainly helped.

The timing of our other senior’s move was unfortunately in the midst of the pandemic and its myriad challenges. Sara Beth and her team handled her situation with great professionalism, love and patience. Selling her house was easy. Getting her out of the house and into Park Manor was more challenging. The team had begun packing, but work was suspended, and the community had to delay her move-in during Nashville’s initial quarantine period.  After a two-month delay, the admission was approved, and a moving schedule was arranged. She is moved in but temporarily living at another facility during her rehabilitation from injuries sustained in her fall. She is in good spirits, all things considered, and she has a beautiful new residence to move into as soon as she is able.

We can’t thank Sara Beth and her caring and professional staff enough for getting their clients through transitions with extenuating circumstances beyond anything any of us have ever faced before. They have our highest recommendation and we offer our heartfelt thanks for jobs well done.

Thank you,

Steve and Jan D.