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  • Mac M.

    Mac needed to downsize and also move to another state. This required coordination with the onsite project manager. Photos and measurements were taken by him onsite and his feedback was very helpful while sorting and planning. When the final furniture plans were completed, we tagged and photographed everything to make the unpack and setup process go smoothly.

    Our inventory system also helped him to know where boxes should be unloaded, and how each room was to be accessorized.  The client was very happy with the process and the results. Here are a few photos taken at his new apartment.

  • Miss Dorothy

    As one of our favorite clients this year, Miss Dorothy had such a great attitude.  She really enjoyed working with the Aging in Place team, even though we may have worn her out some days.

    We did her initial move and downsize from her apartment of several years into independent living, but a few weeks later we were called to move her again to assisted living. She was cheerful and upbeat through the whole process and kept telling us she didn’t know how we did all of that! “ They helped me keep everything I wanted and found a place for everything – no stone unturned!” That is high praise indeed and it was joy.

  • P. Green

    This was a major downsizing project. The client’s health was holding her back from doing what needed to be done, which was frustrating for a normally active and involved person. She was itching to get into everything, so that made the decision tasks so much easier for our team. It was a large house, full of memories and lots of stuff! The easy part was space planning the new condo with the main furniture and rugs she wanted to take. The hard part was the many choices of art and accessories and giving up so much of her gardening equipment, and hobby supplies. We made family gift choices fairly early and arranged for those to be either stored or picked up by family members. The final move went very smooth and the client seems very happy in her new home. It is a reflection of her and her family’s history and comfortable and safe. Click here to see a video about the project.

  • T and H

    This was a true aging in place renovation project. The 55+ clients were recently married and had bought their first home, and the one in which they could age together. The combining of two households to include hundreds of books, an extensive art collection, and furniture and accessories collected around the world was one of the biggest challenges. But the actual renovation of the main floor of the house included all the bathrooms, the kitchen and reconfiguring closets and storage. Our focus was to make the house work for them now and as they age and to make it uniquely theirs in character and design. Inevitably both had to comprise and give up a few pieces of furniture or accessories as the design developed. T is an avid shopper and did a great job of locating that “find” that fit the budget and added their personalities to the space. It was a team effort and included a lot of conference calls with H (who as out of state during the construction) and weekly meetings with the contractor to coordinate schedules. It was a great experience for all of us and the final product is just what we were all aiming for — a home that fits their needs now and as they age and is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. As the designer and the Aging in Place team manager, we were involved from the demolition to the unpack and setup of their new home. I have included links to the house before and during construction, as well as interviews with the clients and a montage of the finished spaces for those of you who would like to learn more about this project. Click here for video about the project. Learn more about the project prior to the renovations and during the construction process by clicking here.

  • Dr. R

    The client is a retired professor and had an extensive library, travel memorabilia and an active lifestyle. She needed an office in her new apartment and lots of storage for her books and artifacts. She had several pieces of furniture, artwork and accessories that we needed to sell. Since she did not want to have a moving sale, we placed those items with a local consignment company. Her final furniture plan used all the important pieces she wanted to keep and gave her plenty of room to add some newfound treasures from her future travels.

  • M. Lord

    The Aging in Place team downsized and moved M. from Bowling Green Kentucky to an independent living community in Atlanta Georgia. We were contacted by her daughter and subsequently worked with the senior move managers in Atlanta to create a floor plan using the furniture she wanted to keep. Then the team assisted in selecting a mover, packed her household items, and supervised the movers. She is now happily downsized and enjoying her new community.

  • M. and J. Mehr

    What a fun couple and a fast schedule! M. and J. sold their house in 1 day and we had 30 to sort, pack and move them and conduct an estate sale to clear the remaining items. All hands on deck was our mantra and M. and J. joined the fray. We had lots of fun sorting through their treasures and still managed to finish on time. Their new garden villa is spacious and full of light and their “downsized” home has everything they needed and wanted in just the right places. They are both enjoying the freedom of having” less” to have more time to spend with friends and family, exercise classes, and a full schedule of activities. The 3-day estate sale was phenomenal and included a friends and family preview night which was a great success with their neighbors and church.

  • D. Blume

    This is an unusual three part story; D was planning to be overseas for a while and wanted to store her worldly goods, so we packed and inventoried and moved all to storage. Her return was sooner than expected and she had to move into a temporary condo, and less than 60 days later we moved her again. All during this time she was so delighted to have “her crew” taking care of things and making everything feel like home. We all enjoyed the process and were so glad to see her back and happy and settled. We also enjoyed her photos and stories of her journey. Welcome home D!

  • R. & J. Campbell

    This was a BIG project! There were so many facets to this job and the clients needed every skill set we had as a team. Sorting, organizing, planning furniture, art and accessories, as well as lighting plans and specifications, selecting custom rugs, purchasing of new furniture, packing, unpacking and set up … our design skills came in handy. In addition to their possessions, we also had to sort and pack two shipments for in and out of state to their children and coordinate with movers for three separate shipments. We all became fast friends in the flurry and R & J kept their humor through all of it! A great success story and one that the APS team is proud to complete.

  • G. & K. Honeycutt

    We met in Knoxville a few weeks before and worked out a plan for both sides of the move, but their family really wanted to help them with the packing. So the Aging in Place team met the movers on the Nashville end and set to work! We didn’t know everything that was arriving, but I had photographed the existing furniture, so we quickly got the furniture in place and then worked with the clients on setting up the office, bedroom and study to meet their individual needs. The creation of art galleries and her library study décor from their travels was a lot of fun and a great way to hear all their stories. What a fun couple!

  • Rebecca

    An Executive move for a former client, who is an young aging adult! Relocating from Nashville to another southern city in a gated golf community, their new home is a very different open floor plan from their last traditional home. APS space planning was essential before the move to inventory items for the move and distribute others to sell or donate. The client has a strong sense of color which results in very bold unusual palettes which flow through the house and connect the spaces. We made several trips to assist in the placement of art and accessories after the unpack to unveil this beautiful inviting place to live.

  • D. Samuels

    This is a true aging in place project creating a user friendly space that will work for the client as she nears retirement age. The master bath was created from spaces formerly used as the laundry and mechanical space. The new design offers an accessible shower with decorative grab bars, a shower seat and an additional hand held shower option. The master bedroom’s furniture arrangement and refurbishing was part of the overall project in blending the new spaces. An addition off the existing kitchen includes a new laundry room with an on demand water heater system, a new pantry to allow for storage of larger cooking utensils (she is an avid cook and gardener) and a small covered porch that allows views of her garden and easy access from the garage.

  • Terry

    Our long time friend and client inherited the family home and asked us to coordinate the sorting, organizing and repurposing of the families’ treasures, and plan and coordinate the renovation of the house into a functional and aging appropriate space. With a new kitchen that his Mom would have loved and an additional sunroom where everyone gathers to watch the sunset and gaze at the marshes, the renovation was complete. The long hours of sorting and retelling of life stories were rewarding for all of us, and the client and family were especially gratified to see how we placed special items and kept the sense of place they had always known and loved.

  • P. Buzzell

    This project was a major downsize and move on a very tight schedule due to the sale of the client’s home on the first day of listing! Aging in Place teams worked closely with the family in determining the selection of furniture for her new villa and separation of items for family or to sell. We worked quickly to coordinate a massive estate sale during the holiday week of July 4th. The remaining items were sorted and delivered to a variety of donation sites and the move was on. Patti was a sea of calm through the whole process and her companion, faithful Louie, became best friends with our entire crew. We stop to visit both often when in her new community, and she seems very settled and happy in her new home.

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