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T and H

This was a true aging in place renovation project. The 55+ clients were recently married and had bought their first home, and the one in which they could age together. The combining of two households to include hundreds of books, an extensive art collection, and furniture and accessories collected around the world was one of the biggest challenges. But the actual renovation of the main floor of the house included all the bathrooms, the kitchen and reconfiguring closets and storage. Our focus was to make the house work for them now and as they age and to make it uniquely theirs in character and design. Inevitably both had to comprise and give up a few pieces of furniture or accessories as the design developed. T is an avid shopper and did a great job of locating that “find” that fit the budget and added their personalities to the space. It was a team effort and included a lot of conference calls with H (who as out of state during the construction) and weekly meetings with the contractor to coordinate schedules. It was a great experience for all of us and the final product is just what we were all aiming for — a home that fits their needs now and as they age and is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. As the designer and the Aging in Place team manager, we were involved from the demolition to the unpack and setup of their new home. I have included links to the house before and during construction, as well as interviews with the clients and a montage of the finished spaces for those of you who would like to learn more about this project. Click here for video about the project. Learn more about the project prior to the renovations and during the construction process by clicking here.