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Florence & Rudy Blend Their Lives Together with the Help of the APS Team

The two lovebirds met while rehearsing a play at the Jewish Community Center. Rudy had been cast as General George Patton in the production of Dayenu. Florence was cast as Mother Theresa, after the original actress fell and broke her hip. It took some detective work on Rudy’s part to find her phone number and when he called to ask Florence for a date, he said “this is General George Patton…..”  Florence reports she laughed, which started a whole new chapter!

After dating for about 2 years, they decided they were ready to spend the rest of their lives together.  Rudy knew it was going to be a challenge to get Florence to move because she had been in her apartment for 32 years. But he had worked with Sara Beth and the APS Team before and knew they could make it happen, and more importantly, make Florence happy with the results.

The team at Aging in Place Transition Services (APS) enjoyed working with Florence & Rudy as they began their lives together. A late in life romance led them to move to a new home and blend their households. The enormity of that task seemed overwhelming, so that is when they enlisted the assistance of the APS Team.

APS owner, Sara Beth Warne, was able to help them choose which furniture pieces to keep for their new home. And, for the pieces that weren’t going, she assisted in dispersing them to family members, consignment shops and charities. “Going through decades of belongings was tough. I was emotionally attached to many things.” said Florence. “I had to let things go, so I could move on with my new life. Sara Beth and her team helped me with this every step of the way.”

“I knew we couldn’t handle the sorting and the packing,” Rudy explained. *The APS Team is like family. I knew they would handle our things with the greatest of care. We even needed some new furnishings and Sara Beth helped us with that.”  That was an exciting adventure!

“We wouldn’t be here if the APS Team hadn’t help us through the entire process of blending our two households into one,” Florence went on to say.

“The best part of the whole process was spending the first night in our beautiful new home,” said Rudy. “We knew we did it! The hard part was behind us. And now we can enjoy our new home together. I am thankful for the APS Team for making it happen for us.”

Click here to watch Sara Beth interview Rudy and Florence to learn more details about their experience.