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Organizing MG’s Home

It’s just the little things…

After ten years in one place, MG and her family were overwhelmed by how items had accumulated and the sense of disorder in many areas of their home. After working with Angie on a 3-part plan to reorganize their living space, the AIPS Team has been busy making it happen. Here’s the progress:

Early January: Part 1 – Pantry, Kitchen and Main Den. MG and her family worked right alongside of our team. Great success! Even set up a new little recycle program to help make the process work & run a little smoother.

Early February: Part 2 – Large living room, MG’s bedroom. MG and her family, once again, worked diligently on their ‘homework’ to get the items ready for donation, discard, etc. The largest room in the house now serves 3 special purposes: a reading nook, exercise space and formal dining area.

Guess what…had to take a break for March but planning Part 3 – the garage in April. Stay tuned, more to come.

Our teams love what we do, especially when we meet and share a little bit of life with special clients like MG and her family. We can’t wait to get back and finish it all up! My team has already been divvying up their own request to be called back to MG’s job.

The best part about what we do is hearing how even the little things can change lives. Here are a few words from MG:

“Oh, I love it, and so does my husband, son and even the dog.”

“When I woke up this morning at 5 a.m., I walked straight to the living room and turned on the lamps, sat in a chair and thanked God for you and your team. I am so grateful! I can’t believe this is my room. I am thrilled! Beyond words. I love you all, you have changed our lives. Thank you again!”

“I love having my bedroom back and with everything labeled I know where it is. Thanks again!”