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Customer Comments

B and G

“Just a note to compliment you and your company on the services you provided G and I during our move from Cookeville to the Chicago area. Towanda and her crew did great work getting things organized and packed. I was surprised at the amount of time the “Boss Lady” spent on our job right up until the day of closing. We had no problems to speak of (other than my propensity to sweat the small stuff) and the people who bought our house had nothing but good to say about their end of our move. Everyone was on time and worked hard to get it all together. Even the movers worked overtime to get the job done in time for our move in.”

Explanation of the project by Sara Beth Warne: This was an interesting job share experience moving a client from their custom retirement home in Cookeville to be nearer their daughters in the Chicago area. The “Boss Lady” was an endearing term bestowed on me by my client as we worked out a complicated plan. This move was during a busy season for our company, and I took the role of director of traffic between the two move management firms, chief overseer for the movers, turning over the house to the buyers, and assisting with donations and consignments for the client. But, the APS team did the hard work and as usual worked together to assist the clients in making decisions in downsizing and creating a paperwork trail when packing to assist in the unpack in Chicago.

Mac M.

I first considered about 20 months ago a move from my home in middle Tennessee to a particular continuing care retirement center in North Carolina, brought to my attention by a segment on PBS Newshour.  After visiting the facility in person and confirming my interest, the next step in my decision process was to speak with realtors about days on market and expected selling prices for my residence, relocation experts about their downsizing and design services and costs, and moving sale personnel about disposing of furniture and possessions no longer required after the move.  In this way I could evaluate costs of such a move employing firms and people who did relocations all of the time.

When I asked around about relocation services, everyone I spoke with recommended Sara Beth, so that selection was quite easy.  And then at my request she took over the sale of a piano that we wanted to gift to a suitable user before any decision about the move to NC was made, as well as choosing who would be responsible for the after-move downsizing sale.  It became apparent that the team selected would significantly reduce my personal investment of time and effort.

I decided to let the professionals take over, and that was a wise choice.  Everything worked very smoothly throughout the entire process.  Thus my recommendation concurs with those made by all I consulted: choose Sara Beth Warne and Aging in Place for relocation services, interior design at the destination, and moving sales.

David M.

One of the challenges of living overseas is trying to help again parents.  My mother passed away last March and my Dad was on his own in the house they shared for 49 years. My brothers each live 5 hours away from Nashville and I live in Europe.

Having Sara Beth recommended to us was fantastic, as this allowed us to utilize her experience and let her ask the questions that we had not even thought of yet.  The fact that we were dealing with a wait list for my Dad’s preferred choice of retirement community meant that Sara Beth had to be creative in her planning and flexible in execution.  As it turned out, all the advance planning made for a smooth first move and then 30 days later the final move was made. As advertised, everything was in its place and Dad was in good shape. Although I only had limited contact with her staff, Dad talked positively about them and their efficiency (in helping him to make all the decisions.)

In addition, the arrangements for estate sale was handled well, as she handled all the communication about what Dad wanted to take, what the rest of the family was wanting and then what needed to be sold or given away.  She even provided pictures after each stage was finished for all three out of town sons.  We could not have handled this easily by ourselves and the peace of mind it offered us was reassuring.  I found her both personable and trustworthy and good to her word.

Randall Y.

In August we moved from our condo to the Blakeford. Who to get to move us was an easy choice. It had to be Sara Beth Warne. I had known her since 1995. I knew how thorough she was with everything. She did not disappointment me at all. She is calm, poised, knowledgeable on everything about the move, and she treated us like we were her own. She was just everything that we could have asked for this move.

Her people were good at what each one did. Everyone worked and knew what they were doing all the time. We were very impressed.

I can whole heartedly recommend Sara Beth to you. When it is all said and done, and you have completed your move, you will be very, very glad you chose Sara Beth Warne to work with.

Mr. & Mrs. Rice

We want to thank you for all your help and planning in our move to the Mary, Queen of Angels community. You and your team did a great job in helping us decide what to take, packing and arranging it all to suit the limited space we have here.  It was more than our friends, family and ourselves could have ever handled.

S. Rice

When my aging parents decided it was time to sell their home and move into an assisted living community, I was feeling pretty overwhelmed, until we got in touch with Aging in Place Transition Services. Sara Beth and her wonderful team came to our house, helped my mom choose what to take and what to sell. They packed, scheduled the movers and set my parents up beautifully in their new apartment.

They also set up and ran their estate sale and after everything was out of the house they did a fantastic job of cleaning the house and getting it ready to sell.

I highly recommend Sara Beth and her team at Aging in Place Services. They do a wonderful job during a very stressful life event. I am so glad we have them here in Nashville. They are life savers!

L. Jones

Could not have done it without Sara Beth and her team!

I down-sized from 2400 square feet to 950 square feet, so I needed lots of help clearing out my 2-car garage, to getting rid of tons of clutter. Sara Beth and her team were professional, punctual, and personable; and worked with a sense of humor when I needed it most.

The team coordinated my Estate Sale. Items to move with me were packed or set aside in a separate room. Items to sell were moved out of site until sale week when they were pulled out for display. All this was done before my realtor came in to make pictures.

My move went very smoothly, as well. Everything was packed, so as not to break or be damaged, and ready for the movers to load. Everything arrived in good condition at my new home. I was moved in, things placed as planned, boxes unpacked, torn down, and removed from the premises. My belongings were stowed in the right place. Pictures were hung, and I was ready to start living in my new place.

It was, indeed, a pleasure working with Sara Beth!

P. Green

It was decided by myself and my children to get me out of my big house with many steps and a large rolling yard, which I loved to work in, but had become dangerous for me. I wanted to downsize and found what I wanted at the Villages of Morningside. The children liked it, so I was ready to go. My real estate agent recommended several move managers, and after interviewing them I decided that Sara Beth and Aging in Place Services were the best ones for me.

She and her crew have been a Godsend. They took care of my problems, because I wasn’t in the best of health. I could never had made the move without them. She came in and saw what I had and went with me to the condo to see my new spaces. She planned the furniture and rugs to work in each area. Her team came and packed everything for me. I just sat back and watched, which was hard to do for me, but they were great.

On the day of the move they supervised the movers and unpacked and organized everything, putting it in its place. Clothes in the closets, rugs laid, artwork and accessories in place. They even made my bed! I recommend Sara Beth and Aging in Place Services very highly. I could not have done it without them.

T and H

When my husband and I found the perfect home as we prepare for retirement, our choice needed a complete makeover. Working with Sara Beth Warne of Aging in Place turned a maddening process into a joyous adventure. Creating new designs for accessible kitchen and bathrooms, selecting cabinets and finishes, choosing granite or less expensive stones, repairing and refinishing floors, selecting light fixtures indoors and out, sorting and matching shades for walls, trim, and doors, and the dozens of decisions that come with this process is often stressful and at times confusing. Sara Beth’s design skills, knowledge of materials and where to find the best quality for any budget, sage advice for and against personal choices and her philosophy of function and safety first then beauty, resulted in a home that is beautiful, comfortable, and a place we look forward to enjoying for the rest of our lives. As we accessorize our home, we continue turning to her for advice. Her knowledge of the design businesses in Nashville is unparalleled. Her warm and cheerful personality and respect for her client is a welcomed gift. She will always have a place in our hearts.

Dr. R

The great people of Aging in Place Services provided me with immeasurable help in moving to a retirement community. I have no family in the Nashville area and I don’t know how I could have managed my move without the comprehensive services provided by Sara Beth Warne and her excellent staff.

Sara Beth advised me on what to keep and what to sell. She found a consignment company to sell furniture and other items that I didn’t intend to take with me. She measured my new living quarters and my furniture and planned the arrangement of the furniture in my new home. Her smart, professional crew leader managed the packing of my possessions using a system of packing and labeling that ensured that everything was properly unpacked and located. The crew packed and unpacked without any damage and made sure everything was in its proper place. Sara Beth arranged to have a very efficient man come and hang pictures for me on the day after the move. A member of her crew gave good advice on where to locate the pictures. I needed to replace some light fixtures and Sara Beth helped me select new fixtures. She also recommended a business that that could hang a rug for me.

All the help and support I received from Aging in Place Services made it possible for me to move without the usual problems of moving. I heartily recommend Sara Beth Warne and her team as the people who will make moving a good experience.

M. Lord

I would recommend Aging in Place Transition Services. Sara Beth Warne and her team were wonderful to work with – professional, easy to be around and had a great sense of humor. They did a terrific job packing and labeling all items for an out of state move for my mother. I was very pleased with their work.

M. and J. Mehr

Making the decision to downsize and move to our new community was an easy decision. But we were in shock when our house sold in one day and we had to be out in 30 days. Oh there was so much to do!  We definitely needed assistance and it was paramount that we get professionals to help us make this transition go smoothly.

Choosing Sara Beth and her Aging in Place team was a life-saver. She met with us and listened to our wants and needs and assured us we could get to the finish line in time. First she helped us choose the furniture and other items we would need to move. Sara Beth made a floor plan of our new home and meticulously placed each piece for us to approve. Once all that was decided, her team began packing and labeling each box.

On moving day, we left it all in her hands. She was there when they loaded the moving van and as they unloaded she made sure each item was in the proper place. She had a clock service pick up our 3 clocks before the move and service them and deliver to the new house. She had another rug specialist come to lay the carpets and groom our rugs before the furniture arrived.  The picture hanger did an excellent job of a chore I really dislike, and the placement choices made the rooms feel like home. We were so pleased when we walked in on Day 2 and everything was in place, boxes were unpacked, art hung, beds made and all the decorative accessories were artfully displayed.

After the move we asked her to use her skills as an interior designer to help us select fabrics and have some pieces reupholstered. It looks like an interior designer was here and we are enjoying our new home so much. Sara Beth and Aging in Place were a God-Send!

D. Blume

I have had several visitors the last couple of days and every one of them has commented on how well the house looks.  They have complimented everything from how fantastic it is to have someone move me in before I even got home – to how cozy the living room looks now. These were enthusiastic and very sincere compliments so I wanted to pass them along to you and your potential clients.

I agree with every compliment. They don’t know the half of it – how you put things where they needed to be and as close as possible to where they were before we started this project. It has been so easy for me and I appreciate your hard work and attention to detail.

You and your team did a great job of  moving all my worldly possessions for the third time in seven months.  At age 71 I wanted one last “Hurrah” before the rockin’ chair gets me.  To do that I wanted to store my stuff and then have it moved back into a new place by the time I got back home.  You and your teams did it.  You packed everything. Each room had its own code, each box had its own inventory list and you had a master list.  That way if I needed something before I moved back in, you could find it easily.

When you got everything to the storage unit, I had already left on my travels.  Even though we had rented the largest storage unit, you still needed to rent another small unit.  You did what I would have done but I didn’t have to be there or worry about it.

When I got ready to return a few months later, you looked at my new condo, made the decisions about how to fit my belongings, left part in storage, and the rest you and your team moved into place. When I walked in the door of my new condo, the furniture was in place, every drawer and shelf had its proper items, the pictures were on the walls and there was food in the fridge according to the list I gave you.  Even the electronics were connected.

Friends who lived in my high-rise told me how busy Sara Beth and the teams were on moving day.  There was another team of movers for the heavy furniture.  Another team came after the furniture was in place to unpack the boxes and another team to hang pictures, curtains, wall hangings.  It was obvious that they were all friends and worked well together. Most important, this was all done with minimum noise and interference, not disturbing my neighbors.

I have moved a few times in my life.  Every time I had a wild dream that everything would just fly from one place to another and put itself in place.  This time, that is what happened. Thanks you for everything!

R. & J. Campbell

We appreciate the excellent service you gave us with the sorting of our household belongings and subsequent relocation to The Heritage in Brentwood. Having moved some nine times during my career in the corporate world, your help and guidance was outstanding and the moving stress greatly minimized. Our past moving experience I think qualifies us to recognize superior service in relocating residences.

Our friends and neighbors have been impressed with your organization and management skills in making our move smooth. It was not an easy task relocating us from a 12,000 square foot home to a 2500 square foot villa. We had to dispose of quite a bit of furniture and “stuff,” and you were extremely helpful in assisting us with selling, consigning and shipping items to our children in and out of state. Your network of associates and companies that assist in the process is extensive. Your experience and contacts had all the bases covered to make the move a more pleasant experience.

Thank you so much for the professional guidance and service you gave us. Both of us highly recommend your services.  Please don’t hesitate to use us as a reference for your future clients.

G. & K. Honeycutt

As you know, this move from Knoxville to Brentwood was a decision we had to make in two weeks with the quick sale of our house.  It threw us both for a loop.  Your services, which the community marketing department informed us about, seemed to add another layer of complication to our urgent plan.  Our friends and daughters were all offering to help at the time, so I decided to forego the services of Aging in Place at the front end of our move.

What I found in doing so was that the decisions of downsizing -what, where, how- overwhelmed us.  There were so many layers of the move that were unforeseen, and saying goodbye to our friends of thirty-seven years, our community and our beloved church took much of our time and attention.  We both greatly regret that we did not avail ourselves of your help with this part of our move.

 How happy we were that we came to our senses and signed up for your help with moving in!!!!!

I’m sure I cannot recall all the many things you and your fabulous team did to make a successful move-in for us, but a few thing stand out in my mind:

  • You arrived early with your crew and assisted the movers with where to place things — used a great coding system which made it go smoothly, and everyone knew exactly where things went in the rooms.
  • You bought lunch for the moving van men, which I had not thought of and which saved valuable time for them and us.
  • Got right to work unpacking the kitchen and made great decisions on where to put things.  I have made very few alterations to these placements.
  • Gave great ideas for placing decorative items.  Noticed ahead of time what I might like displayed — ex:  my mideast Camel collection — found just the spot.
  • All your staff worked well together and independently —in particular did a magnificent job on the den/study, now my favorite room.
  • You and several of your assistants showed their artistic and interior decorating skills.  This was a huge bonus in making it home and beautiful!
  • Your subcontractors (furniture cleaning, setting up electronic media systems, hanging artwork, installing the plasma TV and dining room chandelier) were prompt and professional.

You showed constantly that you cared about your team and us, even dropping by several times later to check on things and just be friendly!

I cannot tell you how much you meant to us in easing this very traumatic move.  It was the best money we ever spent.  And you have become our first new friend in the Nashville area.

E. Pearl

Question: What do you do when you need to move your 90 & 93 year old parents out of their Nashville, TN apartment into an assisted living facility located in New York?

Answer: Contact Sara Beth Warne at Aging in Place Transition Services

My family & I were fortunate enough to have been recommended to Sara Beth Warne at Aging in Place Transition Services when we were faced with the arduous task of moving my parents from Tennessee to New York.  Moving is difficult at best, but when you live 1,000 miles away from your elderly loved ones, it is essential to have someone present to act on your behalf; someone you can trust to see the process through from beginning to end.  Sara was that person for us!

Sara spent many hours with my mother going through her personal effects, sorted & packed various items, obtained a moving company & organized the move itself, hosted an estate sale, placed items in consignment shops and had the living space cleaned once everything was moved out.

Throughout the entire process, Sara provided my family & I with a great level of ease and comfort.  We were in contact with each other on a regular basis from day one until my family & I made the trip down from NY to TN a few days before the move.  Sara provided continual progress updates and reassured me that everything would be taken care of, and it was.

Most important, was the manner in which she handled my mother.  Trying to get a 93 old woman to part with some of her belongings and smile while doing so is no easy task, but from what I heard Sara and my mother shared some laughs during the process.  I felt that she was of great support to my mother during this transitional period in her life, and more importantly my mother felt at ease with her!

All in all, Sara did an enormous job and without hesitation I would recommend her and Aging in Place Transition Services!

Through this experience we all became fast friends. I cannot properly put into words what a great and positive experience this was for our entire family.

B. Mayo

I cannot express enough my gratitude, as well as that of my Mom, my husband, and my brother and sister-in-law, for the incredible job you all did in handling the recent move of my Mom from her home to The Heritage of Brentwood. With the exception of Mom, we all work full time, and helping her sort out, discard, and then pack her home of 40 years seemed an impossible task. We’d all moved our own households in the past, but never one with 40 years of accumulated memories, trash and treasures. Finding her villa at The Heritage seemed like a dream come true, and we figured we’d have time to slowly weed out and pack while her home was on the market. The contract she received less than 24 hours after putting the “For Sale” sign out was an unbelievable stroke of good luck, but it also panicked us trying to figure how we could do it.

Then you, Sara, and your absolutely astounding team of Linda, Towanda, Carol, Walter, Keith, Jeff, Donna and Nanette entered the picture. Within literally days, you’d helped us discard trash, set aside treasures for sale, and then started packing the rest. Jeff organized and supervised the three-day garage sale, and you and Keith took care of the consignment pieces. All of this would’ve earned my unending admiration and gratitude, but then came the move and unpacking. Your team worked with Mom to unpack and place items in her new home, had her Oriental carpets cleaned and returned and her artwork and family pictures hung. All Mom had to do was point to where she wanted things, and bring herself and the dog – the rest was done for her. And even now, two months after her move-in, you’re still working on a few punch list items and checking in with us. That’s another thing for which I’m so very grateful – you kept all of us, Mom, me, my brother, and the rest of the family in the loop, sharing all information, and keeping us all apprised of every aspect of the move.

The cost for these services was less than I expected, and definitely underpriced for what you did for us. All in all, I can sum up the experience of working with you all as “simply incredible”. I have sung and will continue to sing your praises to everyone I encounter, and will definitely use you all when/if I move in the future.

Thank you all so very much for all you’ve done for our family.

C. Coleman

After living in her home for 55 years, my mother decided it was time
to downsize and move to a retirement community. Aging in Place Transition Services was highly recommended to us to help coordinate her move. Sara Beth Warne and her fabulous team were a God-send to our family..

Sara Beth came by to meet Mother and walk through so that she could pick her favorite pieces to take to her new home. Sara Beth is an interior designer and she created plans to make sure that every piece of furniture and art had a specific place in her new home. Aging in Place also met with the contractor at the retirement community and gave him specifics on her new paint selections, adding crown molding, hanging chandeliers and drawings for built in bookcases..

For a few weeks Sara Beth, Linda and the team worked with us in sorting and downsizing, even arranging for rug appraisals and cleaning before the move.
A week before the move, Aging In Place came to her home and started packing and even arranged for the pick-up of consignment and donated items. On moving day there was a team at the house and one at her new home to place all of the furniture and accessories, unpack her clothes and organize the kitchen. They had her new home completely unpacked and set up on the second day, and Mother was delighted. Sara Beth also coordinated the drapery and art installation for that finishing touch. .

Through this experience we all became fast friends. I cannot properly put into words what a great and positive experience this was for our entire family.

H. Samuels

My husband and I had moved into what will probably be our permanent retirement home, and I wanted everything to be absolutely right—functional, beautiful, a place that would welcome us home each time we walked in. Sara Beth from Aging in Place Services achieved that beautifully. Prior to moving in, she helped me select paint colors throughout the house. Once furniture was in, she helped me arrange it to fit the space and got all my pictures on the right walls and in the right arrangements—a task I really don’t enjoy and she does very well. Then we started some freshening up in furniture and fabrics. My new bedroom is beautiful! Her eye for recommending just the right shade of just the right color is spot on. She helped me choose new coverings for existing furniture. Most important, she helped me choose needed additional furniture that fit our physical capabilities—I didn’t realize how much difference choosing an easy chair just a few inches taller would make in how easily I could sit and get up from it! We have a beautiful home and one that is just as good a fit for us ten years from now as today.

Rebecca Memphis, TN

After being in our “dream home” for more than 12 years, my husband and I decided to down-size when relocating for his career. As pleased as we were with our new home, we realized that it was completely different and would require significant updates to accommodate our life-style, tastes, and most treasured furniture and accessory pieces. And as is the case with so many family moves, my husband “went ahead of me”, and I assumed the responsibilities of trying to decide what to keep, what to donate, how to go about selling pieces that could be sold, and packing and moving – all while working full time and managing a family estate.

Aging in Place Services is the answer for both families who are helping older relatives move or down-size, as well as for families and couples like us — working professionals who need someone with experience to help plan and manage all aspects of a move, and the extensive interior design background required when remodeling. Aging in Place Services also retained and managed experienced and reasonable contractors to get our prior home ready to sell, and worked with us in every aspect of developing a plan to remodel and update our new home that stayed within our budget.

Sara Beth and Linda are the friends we all need when going through one of Life’s three most stressful events – moving into and creating a new home. Their honesty and integrity are above reproach – and you will be as relieved as I was to know I had them to rely on during all aspects of our move.

D. Samuels

Sara Beth from Aging in Place very successfully navigated me through a small addition and renovation on my home, adding a pantry, laundry room and porch as well as renovating a very dated bathroom. I could recommend her on so many levels but the things that stood out was her ability to listen and bring ideas that were complimentary to my taste and lifestyle, her ability to keep me on budget with not the slightest effort to up sell, and her attention to making sure the renovations would be “user friendly” for me as the years go on (I am nearing retirement age). Being someone who works fulltime, I also appreciated the fact that she made sure details were covered and that we met on a schedule that was compatible to my work demands. I guess the best recommendation is that I recommended her to my mother!

C. Terry

When my parents passed away two years ago, they left me their home located on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. My father and his father built this home in 1947, where my two brothers and I were raised and my parents lived for over 60 years of marriage. There were so many wonderful memories in that home, along with numerous problems. The electrical wiring was old and dangerous. The plumbing was disintegrating and the home lacked insulation or adequate heating and air. There was also mold and mildew issues.

At first, my mind said “tear it down”; but my heart said “save it”. I needed some objective, professional consultation, so I asked old friends, Sara Beth Warne and Linda Bolton (“Aging in Place Services”) to help me save the home; but also make it better, while maintaining its original character. They broke the renovation project into three phases: demolition and remediation; redesign interior layout; upgrade the home’s interior. To accomplish the first phase, they guided us in the organizing, inventorying, packing and warehousing of all furniture and family items to be saved.

Because of the emotional attachment to everything owned by my parents, we would still be at this phase, had not these two ladies been involved. The same was true after the completed renovations, when they spotted needed corrections by our builder; guided us in the unpacking of all the stored furniture, et.; and placed the furniture, pictures, and treasures in their proper places. They were able to modernize and update, yet helped keep our cherished memories alive. Now, while the home still feels like the same memory filled place, it is so open and livable that we love going there every chance we get. My Mother would so love her new kitchen and my Dad would be amazed.