Aging That Fits You Well

At every stage of your life, you have chosen housing that fit your needs and conformed to a comfort level and aesthetic that pleased you. Now that you’re older, there is no need for that to change.

Aging in Place Services is a team of senior living experts with experience in surrounding the fifty plus senior with an environment that fits them well.

That could be modifying and reorganizing a present home or downsizing and/or relocating to something that feels better. In any case, Aging in Place works with seniors and their families to find the right place for the next stage of a good life.

Aging in Place Services does this by delivering a creative and individually tailored mix of experience to help you with your next step – assessment, design development and project management, staging, organizing, real estate sales referrals and market analysis, interior design and decorating—delivered by individuals who are experienced in the emotional and physical dynamics of transitions for all involved. In fact, in order to sustain high levels of personal customer service, the company maintains offices in Tennessee  and can serve most surrounding states.

Take a look at some recent projects to get a better idea of the scope of our services. Click here to view the videos.