Services – Is it Time Yet?

Making decisions about senior living choices is very personal and requires a lot of listening to client needs, desires, fears, and hopes. Our service is all about lifestyle, personal needs and choice-and putting together, after careful assessment, the services, skills and assistance that will serve individuals best.

There are many factors that go into making a home adjust to accommodate aging issues. Here are the 10 biggest challenges to aging in your home. If you are having difficulty relating to as many as three of these, call or click here for a no obligation livability assessment.

  1. At least one no-step entry with overhead protection from weather
  2. Stairs that are well lit with handrails on both sides of stairs
  3. At least one bedroom and full bath, kitchen and living area on the entry level
  4. Doors and hallways wide enough for a wheelchair
  5. At least one bathroom should be barrier free with grab bars and nonslip floor surfaces
  6. Kitchens should have varying counter surface heights for standing or sitting
  7. Kitchens and baths should have cabinets and shelves that are accessible for easy reach
  8. Closets with multiple heights for hanging and storage that are accessible for easy reach
  9. Light switches, electrical outlets and thermostats placed for easy reach
  10. Windows that are operable and easily opened for fire evacuation