Staying in your home

If the best choice for you is to stay in your home, we can develop a caring transitions plan that adapts your present home to meet your evolving needs and demands while maintaining maximum quality of life.  We will creatively plan an environment with products and design elements that make your home functional, safer, more organized and easier to maintain.  We will also recommend and, if needed, coordinate services to assist you with your daily care.

  • Customized plans for “caring transitions” in your existing home
  • Evaluating your current home with a customized livability assessment to identify and recommend changes for your future needs
  • Coordinate with certified contractors for any renovation required to existing home
  • Organize and sort household items, providing a complete inventory for each action required:  keep, sell, donate or dispose
  • Create furniture layouts using your furniture and accessories to meet your current and future needs
  • Shop for new equipment or furniture as needed for your home
  • Provide local sources for at-home services, if needed, and outside services such as non residential supervised care during the day